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Best New Network for Business Communications

Implementing the The Best New Network Best New Network for Business Communications

Like many companies today, your telecom department must manage change of greater scale and complexity, with fewer resources and tighter budgets. Nevertheless, the business groups within your company rely on you to deliver connectivity quickly and cost effectively. You can use BestNewNetwork to supplement your staff as you move to new technologies, new applications or simply move from one location to another.

Project Management Team Support Team
  • RFQ Management
  • Order Processing
  • Detailed Tracking
  • Vendor Escalations
  • Project Leadership

  • Network Design - Carrier Services
  • Financial/Billing – Cost/Savings Analysis and Review
  • Telecom Expense Management services
  • Online Inventory Management

On-Site or Remote Support
Our team can manage projects On-Site from your premises or remotely from our offices. While situated at either location, they can coordinate day-to-day provisioning issues or complex design and planning issues. All customized to meet your specific telecom support requirements.

Network Roll-out
The best strategic and economic decisions you make related to your telecom network will inevitably be accompanied by infrastructure change. Precise planning and scheduling of this migration will lead to the successful transition of services. Best New Network has a proven record in supporting these changes efficiently and successfully. Our clients rely on us to coordinate the Implementation of Telecommunications Services, Network Management Services. We know that working through each phase of the transition process requires foresight and diligent oversight. Bringing the network down, terminating expired services and establishing a properly function new network has an impact on project economics and business operations. Prior to and throughout the migration, frequent and detailed updates are submitted to maintain thorough communication with all involved team members.

Professional Services
A high-performance, cost-effective network is critical for companies to remain competitive in today’s business climate. The continuous improvement of business processes can strain network management resources, requiring the need to expand specialized skill sets to meet project demands. BestNewNetwork delivers the expertise you need to assess, design and deploy data and voice networks, and support the applications that run over them. Our team is experienced in managing and supporting networks to meet business objectives. Our professional services include Local and Long Distance Voice, Call Center, WAN, IP, LAN and network optimization

We can be utilized as a resource for a portion of your network management and services delivery, manage selected aspects of a project or, whole projects. We customize solutions that best fit your business needs in partnership with strong global network providers and a wide range of equipment vendors.

  • Partnerships with Global Network Infrastructure Providers
  • Data and Voice Application and Network Project Management
  • Strong Customer Service Philosophy
Our tailored approach to network design comprises the technical issues and financial aspects of building, supporting and maintaining a sound, reliable network based on your business needs. With today’s options to run voice and data services over many different network backbones, we analyze your near-term and long-term strategic, technical and financial considerations and then qualify and document our design strategy as the best choice. Our Design and Implementation projects define:
  • Call Centers
  • VoIP
  • eBusiness
  • IP-Enabled ATM
RFP and Contract Negotiation
A broad understanding of network services is required to strategically define, structure and review Request for Proposals. We support customers through all stages of contract negotiation. We have already interviewed most vendors, analyzed their recommendations and evaluated pricing. Based on our experience we can accomplish in a few weeks what normally takes months. The recommendations we make will reflect the best in technology and services offered today. When negotiating renewal contracts we will help you to obtain maximum discounts, leveraging our experience and regular exposure to numerous continuing business agreements and provide access to wholesale pricing options that most enterprise customers never even know exists.

SLA Development
End-User satisfaction is most often the primary objective when a business defines Service Level Agreements. However, once these performance guidelines are identified, meeting them can be a challenge. This is because vendors commonly define the SLAs in terms of up-time and availability, or packet-loss. Telecom Network Solutions can close the gap between user and vendor goals by defining deliverable and measurable Business SLAs, mapping them to hardware and network components. This permits the monitoring of SLA compliance at both the business and network levels.


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